How do I post an opportunity?


We work directly with the companies to post the opportunities, if you know someone that wants to post an opportunity please have them contact us at jason@meeup.com


When do I get my referral reward?


Congrats on successfully making a referral! We would allow the company to try candidate out for 3 weeks, after this we’ll collect payment from the company. Once we receive the payment from the company, we’ll release the payment to you.


How do I get my referral reward?


Once a referral is successful, please contact us at jason@meeup.com to arrange for reward collection within 30 days.


If I refer myself successfully, will I still get the referral reward?


Yes, you would still get a referral reward, but the reward may differ depending on our negotiations with the company.


Are people able to see my profile?


Only your friends are able to see your profile. People that are not your friends can only see your public profile, which includes your current company and profile picture.


Will I lose my data if I switch phones?


Everything is stored on our cloud, as long as you keep your phone number you’ll be able to retrieve all the data.


What if I want to change phone numbers?


Please contact us at jason@meeup.com to arrange for phone number migration.


If I have two phone, can two different numbers be linked to the same account?


Not at this moment, one phone number can only have one account.


For any other inquires please contact us at jason@meeup.com!